Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

This is a review of the real techniques miracle complexion sponge. After reading a lot about the beauty blender but being completely set off by the price I was searching for a similar product or in the world of makeup what may be called as a ‘dupe’. So my search led me to this sponge. As Amazon was doing a sale with a pack of 2 sponges I decided to get the pack. The product arrived nicely packaged and intact. The sponges are said to be latex free. Initially I didn’t know what this implied but after a quick google search it appears that the non-latex ones are made for those with latex allergies.

Method of Using Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge:

According to the instructions on the package these can be used wet or dry and there is also a pixiwoo tutorial on how to use the sponge.The sponge can be used to apply liquid foundation or compact powder or foundation with the flat or round side. For blush the round side is preferred. For hard to reach areas the pointed tip is best.

About my experience:

I absolutely wanted to use the sponge wet. So I held it under running water for a couple of minutes and yes it did sort increase to 1.5 times its size when dry ( see dry vs wet sponge picture ) I squeezed out the water as much as I could and then proceeded to use the flat side to apply foundation. The coverage was definitely less than what I got with a foundation brush but the blending was much better. Absolutely no streaks whatever and a  very natural finish. I used a little more of the product than I used with a brush for a similar coverage. But the subtle makeup look is something that one would definitely like for a day look .

real techniques miracle complexion sponge review
Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge Dry (left) Vs Wet (right)

Next I used the sponge to powder with compact powder and got an almost airbrushed look. As I wanted to totally explore the full range of use I went ahead and used it for applying crème blush. The result was a sheer barely there look. For more color payoff you may want to use a brush or fingers ! Finally I used the wet sponge with the pointy side to apply the star cosmetics colored pigment to my eyelids and surprisingly not only was the color payoff good but application was very fluid. So overall I would say that the wet sponge can be used to apply multiple products, a very handy tool for busy mornings when we are rushed for time. You can see the dirty sponge picture too with multiple products used !! 

Using Dry sponge

Now about my experience in using the sponge dry. With the dry sponge I got a thicker coverage as compared to using it wet. However blending is understandably more difficult. I also used the sponge dry with compact powder and was quite satisfied with the result. The products that I have used with the Real techniques miracle complexion sponge are:

MAC prolongwear concealer
Clinique Stay Matte Foundation
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
MAX factor crème blush
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Star cosmetics loose pigment


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