Hello Everyone ! So today I’m going to write about the la prairie cellular 3 minute peel review. I bought the La Prairie Cellular 3 Minute Peel  almost four years back ( that’s a long time !!) indeed. But the reason why I thought it impertinent to mention this, is that first off I am writing a review or you could say penning (typing ) my thoughts on this after that long as I am still using it . Translate this to mean – the product has retained its original texture, color , fragrance and well effectiveness as well. More about that in a minute. But for me any product that lasts this long has got to be made with a high emphasis on quality. 

I bought this because I was browsing for products that smoothen out the skin and then stumbled onto the la prairie site. My purchase of course is in-store. I was given many samples of their other products in a beautiful silver colored pouch along with the purchase.

La Prairie cellular 3 minute peel review

 Method of Use:

It took me a while to figure out a way to use the product. As far as application is concerned, there is no two ways about it that the brush they provide is the best to use as the bristles are soft with the right amount of stiffness and also the flat rectangular shape helps in sort of painting on the product onto the face.

About my experience with La Prairie Cellular 3 Minute Peel:

The peel is in the form of a cream of an off white color which matches with the bristle color of the brush. Very aesthetic I must say. The first time I used a very small amount due to the price of the product and also I didn’t know what to experience so I decided that ‘less is more’ would be my motto. I kept it on for exactly 3 minutes and then wiped off with a damp cloth dipped in warm water. This is key , the water needs to be warm . This gave me a cleaned up look with the lovely fragrance lingering on. My face was smooth to the touch.

For subsequent uses however I have increased the time of application from 3 to around 10 minutes and use the Body Shop facial buffer. Since this buffer is slightly rough it helps in getting the peel off. With increased application time, I found that the skin is smoother.

​Thank you for reading the LA PRAIRIE CELLULAR 3-MINUTE PEEL REVIEW.

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