QOD Treatment Review

The QOD treatment is fairly new I guess at least in Indian salons. I was suggested to use the QOD treatment at a salon. This is because the stylist said the QOD treatment is better than hair straightening or cysteine and causes less damage to the hair strands.

So lets see what exactly is the QOD treatment

According to the available literature the QOD treatment uses botanical products thereby making it more skin and hair friendly.

There is a detailed post on the technical aspects of the QOD treatment here .

Here in this post I will prefer to write about what steps the stylist took , the after effects and the QOD treatment review.

At the outset I would like to tell you that prior to the treatment my hair was frizzy,dry and wavy and very short. So I was on the lookout for some treatment which would give some much need TLC for my hair. To be honest the stylist wasn’t in favour of doing this treatment for my hair because of the very short length. However I just wanted to try out the QOD treatment and gave the go ahead.

Procedure of the QOD Treatment

First of all the stylist washed and conditioned my hair with products from a special sulfate free range of shampoo and conditioner. There are several benefits to using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Some leading brands manufacture such. A good article on the use of sulfate free products is given here .

So after the washing and conditioned my hair was dried out using a dryer. After this the stylist applied a product from Amazon called de Fabulous Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment and left it on for around thirty minutes. This product is said to repair split ends, moisturize and add shine to the hair strand. The stylist then went on to iron out my hair by dividing it into sections. A plastic wrap was then applied to my hair and was left on for about forty five minutes. 

After this my hair was again washed and conditioned with the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and dried using a dryer.

After care :

I was also told to use the same products which were used in the Salon for washing and conditioning my hair  as after care at home. Click here* to see which products I am using.

Now about my thoughts regarding the QOD treatment:

  • First of all my hair has become completely frizz free and easy to manage. I know this is going to be hard to believe but on some days I find myself walking out of the door without even combing my hair. This is also because I have very short hair right now.
  • At the same time my hair has not become razor straight as like in straightening treaments. But has retained some of the originally wavy texture. I rather like this because it gives a natural look to the hair
  • Perhaps on account of the sulfate free product use I found that there was some loss of the hair colouring which I had got done about a month back. I am not sure about this one because sulfate free products are supposed to help in retaining the color for a longer time. So you may have a different experience !
  • It’s been around a month since I got the treatment done and I have noticed there is hardly any hair fall which is a big plus in my opinion.
  • Experiencing a healthier scalp overall . Earlier I had a slightly itchy and oily scalp .

What to expect or not to expect after the  QOD treatment:

  • Frizz free manageable hair
  • Reduced hair fall
  • Hair washing conditioned regimen to be followed
  • Will not give poker straight hair
  • May reduce colouring effects

The QOD treatment effect is expected to last around six to seven   months depending upon the after care that you put in. Actually this is true for any hair treatments that you may undertake.

Cost :

Right now it is a slightly costly treatment I would say. It depends on the Salon that you go to and they usually offer variations like treatment for the fringe, upto neck, upto shoulder, upto mid back, upto waist and so on. Naturally the longer your hair more is the cost. However a reasonable price range would be from INR 3000 to INR 12000. For my short hair I paid up approximately INR 6000.  If you are in India. Elsewhere you will have to check up the cost in your local currency.

I will be updating this post to tell you what’s happening on a month to month basis. So keeping visiting this  post for updates.

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