Reverse Hair Washing – my experience

Hello Dear Readers, Reverse Hair Washing is a trend which is being talked about in salons.
With humid summers and rains we all experience at one time or the other ‘limp hair’ , translated as hair without bounce and the oomph that we all so love. I decided to try this trend and find for myself the results. Read on….

I have posted two pictures here: You can decide for yourself which looks better.
The first picture is my hair washed the normal way – shampoo followed by conditioner and the second one is the conditioner followed by shampoo. Oh and by the way the second picture is the recent one as my hair is shorter now. 🙂

reverse hair washing shampoo followed by conditioner
Reverse hair washing – shampoo followed by conditioner
Reverse hair washing - conditioner followed by shampoo
Reverse Hair Washing – Conditioner followed by Shampoo

This is a new trend that everyone seems to be talking about a lot these days. It’s just that the whole routine of shampoo followed by conditioner has been reversed to conditioner followed by shampoo. So I decided to give it a try this week and am posting this on the day 2 of reversed washing. My hair is currently straightened and I use a shampoo meant for chemically straightened hair. Additionally I also have blonde highlights so I alternatively use a blonde highlight enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

Very well, so having given you the hair background of things so to speak, I went ahead with the whole reverse washing thing. The night before I oiled my hair with coconut oil and next morning reverse washed it. I kept on the conditioner for around five minutes , washed it off and then followed up with shampoo.

Results of Reverse hair washing:

My hair has held up quite well , there is a bounce and though I would not be euphoric about this, you can give it a try. If your hair tends to fall flat due to excess conditioner use then this might be the way to go.

FIRST POSTED ON: 18th July 2016


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