Vega Salon Xpert Hair Dryer -Review

Method of using the Vega salon xpert hair dryer: 

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The Vega Salon Xpert Hair Dryer post is about the method of using this dryer and my experience with it . I’ve been using this dryer since the past four years and found it to be very good value for money. Now onto the detailed review.

To be used on towel dried hair. Preferably hair should be seventy percent dry. Use without attachment for drying hair, for styling hair use attachment .There is also a user manual which I strongly recommend you should read once , before first time use.

The features of this hair dryer are as shown in the picture at the end of this post, on  the packaging carton of the product.

My Experience in using the Vega Salon Xpert hair dryer:

I was using a small sized Braun hair dryer for quite some time. But when I went in for a hair straightening and highlighting treatment, the salon stylist mentioned the advantages of using a high wattage hair dryer. 

I was so in love with the finished look at the salon that I immediately went about looking for a good dryer within my budget. 

At the local electronics store the sales assistant showed me two or three dryers which were with a wattage greater than 1800 W. I had read that higher the wattage better the blow dry in general.

You could also purchase this product online. There are other options  available too, depending upon your budget.

Actual use of Vega salon xpert hair dryer

Now for the actual use of the hair dryer. My styling time has reduced to around 5 to 7 minutes. During busy mornings this is a real deal. 

Most times the last thing I do nowadays is a quick blow dry after spraying my hair with my current favourite hair spray -the Schwarzkopf All Weather Taft Hair Laquer. Read review here.

I use the 2 ( for speed ) and 2 ( for heat ) settings all the time. For a quicker dry I go for 2 speed and 3 heat combination. For a sleek finish  the cold shots at 1 ( for heat) and 2 ( for speed ) works well.

vega salon xpert hair dryer review
vega salon xpert hair dryer review

As with all electronic / electrical gadgets taking appropriate precautions is advisable.

A good article on hair dryers in general can be found here: Everything you wanted to know about hair dryers.   



I’ve been using the Vega salon xpert hair dryer for the last 4 years now and there have been no issues till date. Touch wood! Very good value for money I must say.

vega salon xpert hair dryer review

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