How to keep your lips moist and hydrated this Winter Season

The winter months are now on and so it is time to prep your skin, be it face or body.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing my experience of using three products designed specifically as lip balms and one product which is actually a lipstick but will be good to use in the winter as it has color plus the added benefits of a lip balm.

Nivea Fruity Lip Care

Size: 10gm

Claim: “3 benefits in one lip balm is an innovative formula that helps repair dry and cracked lips immediately, provides long lasting moisture and leaves lips smooth with the wonderful subtle scent of strawberry” 

Method of use: The balm has a medium thickness, similar to Vaseline so just use directly from tube or you can take some product onto finger and rub onto lips.

My Experience:  At the time of starting to use this lip balm, I had slightly chapped lips, but no cracks as such. 

On first application, I did experience softening of lips and a smooth feeling. There is a hint of strawberry flavor. In order to retain moisturized feeling, reapplying at intervals is a must.
This balm is colorless and hence can also be used as a lip balm prior to applying your regular lipstick or you can substitute your gloss and apply over your lipstick. 

But this second method could lead to reduced efficacy of the balm itself and could change the finished look  of the lipstick. So the first product to hit your lips should be the balm. For maximum benefits, try going lipstick free for a few days.

If you cannot do this for work, at least do so at home. So  you will get smoother lips, provided you keep reapplying at regular intervals.

 The Body shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15

Size: 4.2 gm

Claim: “This moisturising lip balm soothes and protects lips from the drying effects of the sun, wind and cold weather

• Hydrates and protects

• Soothes dry lips

• With SPF 15”

 Method of use: This is best applied from the tube as the product is quite thick .

 My Experience: 
Has a slight scent which I really like.

This product has got added SPF which can be great if moving around outdoors. 
It is best used on its own. So if you are fond of lipsticks, like I am 🙂 then you would consider using it for bed time use. 
A generous amount is needed to produce really noticeable results. Reapplication is again a must , for sustainable results.

Last Forest Honey & Bees Wax Lip Balm

Size: 10gm

Claim: “Long lasting lip protection and mouth watering flavor with a blend of beeswax, olive oil and pineapple essence.”

Method of use: As the product comes in a small sized tub, has to be applied with fingers.

My Experience: 
The balm has got a thick buttery consistency and a  natural smell. As it has a buttery consistency it feels nice and smooth on the lips. 

I have grown up consuming natural dairy products like ghee, commonly consumed in all Indian households, so the smell is not an issue with me. 

This is also true of the 4th product listed here. 
The balm itself produces good results as regards hydration and moisture.

Young’s Lipstick

Size: 4.25gm

Claim: “Exotic ingredients such as organic clarified butter, Garcinia indica, Honey, beeswax and colours create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application.”

 Method of use: Simply apply directly from the tube or use a lip brush or pat on lips using fingers. All methods will work well with this formula.

My Experience: 
This is a lipstick plus lip balm combined in one. A perfect combination for winter months I would say. 

The color payoff is good. But it will and can transfer onto clothes etc. so you have to be careful. If you want to buy a very affordable product ( priced at the time of writing as INR 270 ) which delivers good results , you can try this. The third and fourth products mentioned in this post can be purchased online at

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