Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation

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So this is a review of a beauty product which has been around for long.This is a long stay foundation as the name itself indicates.

The formula of the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation is medium thick and is best applied with a brush I found. I used both the Real Techniques Face Expert Brush as well as the MAC 188 ( read review in tools section )and found both good only the real techniques brush seems to give more control but the 188 was good for getting into hard to reach areas such as near the nose and also gentle to use on eyelids.

The foundation itself stayed on until I took it off so, it is seriously long wearing. No transfer to clothes or phone was experienced and very good when the weather is hot and humid. There are several shades to choose from and there is an imatch system at the counter.

The finish is completely matte and is full coverage and will cover blemishes upto ninety percent ,for serious pigmentation you will have to use a concealer.

The glass bottle is sturdy and frosted. You can use the MAC foundation pump with it if you wish.

Shades used 4N1, 3W2, 5N1, 4N2. One beauty tip would be to powder using a translucent powder followed by bronzer so that your face does not look flat.

I have almost hit the bottom of the bottle . I will definitely be repurchasing the Estee Lauder Double wear stay in place foundation  as 
I have found it to have the best possible texture, finish and almost incomparable in terms of the coverage and the long lasting formula.
Of course there is another one which they offer as maximum coverage foundationBut I haven’t tried that one. 
Can be purchased online from  . So makeupvase gives this one a big thumbs up.


For the past year or so I have now been using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup . So do keep checking back for the review .

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