RIMMEL LONDON Lycra Pro Professional Finish

Method of Using the Rimmel Lycra Pro Professional finish nail laquer:

I use the classic three stroke method to apply the Rimmel London lycra pro professional finish nail laquer. The classic three stroke method basically means one stroke down the middle of the vertical and one stroke each at the side vertically.

About my Experience:

First of all I would like to talk about the Rimmel Whitener. So this product is supposed to be used to whiten your nails and can be applied as a base coat or on its own. I found that using it on its own is the best as when I tried it as a base coat , it took me twice the amount of nail polish remover that I normally use to get it off. However one can try it that way . The one advantage being that dark colors will not leave a stain on the nails. I rather like the product on its own as it gives me a very natural clean look on the nails.

Rimmel London Lycra Pro Professional finish review
Rimmel Lycra Pro Professional Nail Laquer

Now for the Nail Polish themselves. The laquer applies opaque in one stroke . The brush is a nice flat one which really helps in good application. At this price range this has got to be one of the best in the market I do believe. For one the color payoff is exactly the same as you see in the bottle. As the brush is broad and flat application is a real breeze leading to a professional finish. The name is completely justified. For about one day I get a great shiny finish after which the shine reduces a little. But then I do my own household chores which involves use of soap and detergent hence if hands were to be kept soap free I guess the glossy finish would last much longer .All in all I found the Rimmel London lycra pro professional finish nail laquer to be a good buy.

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