MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review and Application


A powder foundation packed in compact form. The MAC studio fix powder plus foundation has the classic black packaging case. It is a matte black finish with a separate compartment for the sponge. The section that holds the sponge has got tiny holes for the sponge to ‘breathe’, I suppose. I am neutral on this. If the sponge is wet then it will certain help it to dry but otherwise dust or whatever could settle on the sponge. So I leave the reader to decide his or her comfort level on this. I know people who use a hand sanitizer every few minutes or after touching anything and everything. So for someone with hygiene compulsive obsessive disorder this may be an issue, but not otherwise. It also comes with a mirror.   

Method of using the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation:

This compact can be used both in wet and dry form. Using the sponge or a brush. I currently apply this using the sponge provided or the Real Techniques Face Expert Brush . In the store however I tried the MAC studio fix powder plus foundation by using the MAC powder brush . In my observation this gave a better coverage . So between these three methods of application I would say that the Powder Brush gave the highest coverage, followed by the sponge provided in the compact, followed by the real techniques face expert brush.  Mind you I tried using this with another sponge and ended up using far more product. So maybe using the powder brush could be the best option for applying this product.

MAC studio fix powder plus foundation review

My Experience of using the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

The texture of this foundation is super fine . This makes it very easy to blend and helps in providing a full coverage. This texture also helps to build up coverage as required.

I have used this in the following ways and will narrate my experience with each of them.

A)Used a moisturizer or sunscreen followed by the MAC studio fix powder plus foundation. By this method I find that I get a medium coverage. The powder itself stays on for around four hours. At which point I do a light touch up.
B) Used a drug store foundation followed by the MAC studio fix powder plus foundation. Amazingly this application gave me an almost airbrushed look, which was quite noticeable. At around the mid-day mark I experienced slight oiliness , this was probably the effect of the foundation. Touch up was a must otherwise by the end of the day I looked quite greasy. Not a desired look at all.
C) Used a high end foundation followed by the MAC studio fix powder plus foundation. This method of application gave a flawless finish which lasted throughout the day , for almost 14 hours or so. There was absolutely no need of a touch up.

So depending upon what your needs are, you can go for any of the above methods. The finish is a totally matte finish. The foundation provides a very good base for any other products that you may want to layer on , such as a blush and a bronzer.

The best part is it can be removed just by using a normal face wash. There is no need for a makeup remover as such.

For ease of convenience to use, this is literally a one stop product. The mirror feature makes it very useful to use while travelling.

THUMB’S UP to the MAC Studio fix powder plus foundation.


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