MAC Studio Finish Concealer Review

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Review on​​
Size: 7gm

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in Shade: NC42
What the label says about the MAC Studio Finish Concealer : 
A highly concentrated creamy concealer that provides opaque coverage and SPF.

Packaging of MAC Studio Finish Concealer: Neat plastic container with transparent lid . The size is convenient to carry in a small purse , with no fuss with  the cap  attached to the container and quite sturdy. So you don’t have to worry about the lid coming off and ending up with a mess. I carry the MAC Studio Finish Concealer with me every single day so that’s how I can vouch for this.

Method of using the MAC Studio Finish Concealer:

The best way to apply the MAC Studio Finish Concealer is with fingers. This is because the product will get warmed by your natural body heat and will become much easier to tap and spread. You can use a standard concealer brush as well. In either case just swipe a small amount of the product onto the area that you want to concealer and tap. A setting powder is recommended for a finished look.

My Experience of using the MAC Studio Finish Concealer:

I have used the MAC Studio Finish concealer through the winter months and now that it is summer am using it through the summer too. So cheers to that  as I will be able to write about my experience in the coldest as well as the warmest months too ! In the winter I could use this product without a setting powder as it just set in place with an almost matte finish. By the way point to be noted is that currently my skin is on the normal to dry side. In the summer months, which is now I do use either a setting powder or plain talcum powder and I’m good to go. The other thing that is really worth mentioning is that you can also use it as an overall foundation , by spreading it evenly , to ensure a non cakey look. The SPF 35 is a good bonus. I use it a lot this way. Now for the important part of  coverage. I experienced that coverage is almost full , but a setting powder ( preferable water resistant ) is a must. The MAC Studio Finish Concealer itself lasted well through the sweltering summer afternoon. I experience a small amount of product transfer while wiping my face with tissues. 

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