Clinique Brush on Cream Liner Review

Shade: True Black

Hello Everyone, The Clinique brush on cream liner is my first foray into cream liner. I have used pencils and gel and the  typical kajal also.

About my Experience :
It comes with a small brush which has a flattened edge so I could use to create  a thin as well as thick line. The length of the brush is tiny and I came close to  misplacing it as it would just fall out of the box.

A typical eyeliner brush could also be used. But I haven’t tried this. The  stiffness of the bristles is just about right and gives good command while drawing lines and creates a neat and clean look.

clinique brush on cream liner

About the cream itself. The color payoff is very good . I found it to last better on my lower lash line. On the upper lash line I experienced smudging.



After a while I did actually start using a pencil brush with this eyeliner. I found this to be a better way especially for the upper line. For the lower lash line the brush that comes with the Clinique brush on cream liner is good.

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