CHAMBOR Flowing Lipstick Stay on Colour

Shade: 265 Innocent Rose

Packaging: Nice . Part transparent plastic case shows the color from outside. So in case you have more than one easy to pick .


I got this free along with purchase of other Chambor products. This is a lovely shade which is good for daily wear. I have experience a beautiful finished look if time is taken out to apply it correctly.


  • Retractable
  • Flows out nicely
  • Application easy
  • Nice to carry in purse
  • Color lasts through eating and drinking
  • Completely opaque after two coats


  • May look smudgy if not applied correctly
  • May experience transfer and fading if eating oily food
  • Have to be careful while retracting as too much liquid may flow out
  • On pigmented lips one coat may show up pigmentation

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