Back to MAC – MAC Amorous Lipstick Review

About back to MAC:

This post is about the MAC Amorous Lipstick Review and Swatch. I got the MAC Amorous Lipstick under the Back to MAC program six primary packaging  containers  can be returned to MAC in exchange for a lipstick. This really is a wonderful scheme from MAC. I do not know any other brand which does this. So ladies please save your containers to avail of one of the fabulous lipsticks of MAC .

 Product cases that I returned

MAC Prolongwear Compact Foundation SPF 20
MAC Careblend Powder
MAC Blush
MAC Extended Play Mascara
MAC Eyeliner
MAC Plushglass Lipgloss

The product that I got : MAC Amorous Lipstick

The back to MAC program always excites me and this is my second lipstick that I have got this way. 

So I walked in with my empty cases and told the SA that I would like to swatch every lipstick they have in all the finishes before making my selection. She was so kind to oblige and we went ahead and swatched most of them except for the ones that were light in color as those wouldn’t have suited me in any case. 

So I went through this very exciting process and kept aside those that I would like to try out on my lips. So it got narrowed down to two retro matte shades, one satin finish and one amplified finish lipstick .

So ultimately I chose the satin finish lipstick in the shade Amorous. Ok so now on to the lipstick itself.

 MAC Lipstick – Amorous – Satin Finish

Method of use:

 Apply straight from the bullet taking care to adhere to the natural shape of the lips and do a correction with powder and flat brush in case lipstick has extended beyond the lip line. Alternately line lips with lipliner and then fill in with the lipstick using a lipbrush or straight from the bullet. I think because of the cream content the second method of application is a better bet giving a more polished look.

About my Experience using MAC Amorous Lipstick:

I somehow tend to gravitate towards picking and subsequently using matte finish lipsticks the most, no matter which brand I am using. So this time I made a conscious decision to ‘not pick a matte’ and instead try some other finish lipstick from the MAC collection. This is a good thing to do as they have so many different finishes like – Retro matte, matte, amplified, satin, cremesheen, lustre and frost. All of these have distinct finishes and color payoffs as I discovered in my mega swatching exercise.

How glad I am that I went ahead and picked a satin finish. This has become my go to lipstick as of now and I am absolutely loving the finish and color.

 Also after a few hours of use my lips seemed well moisturized .MAC Products can be purchased online from or in store .


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