Anuspa Ubtan Soap Review

Method of using Anuspa Ubtan Soap:

The Anuspa Ubtan Soap is like a scrubber with ubtan as its scrubbing ingredient. See the picture below for the grainy texture of this soap. So use it in scrubbing motions in the normal way . In other words just massage it in. Not advisable to use on the face as the grains are quite large.

My Experience of using Anuspa Ubtan Soap: 

This happened to be my first soap from the Anuspa brand and I am reviewing this after using three bars of this product. First off all their soaps have a nice natural fragrance . 

anuspa ubtan soap review
Anuspa Ubtan Soap

I have used two more, the Anuspa Sandal with Almond Oil Soap and the Anuspa Honey Rose soap. In both cases the fragrance of the soap use to linger on the skin for about eight hours leading to a very pleasant experience. 

Now more about the Ubtan soap. Some of you may have read about the ‘ubtan’ or used it during festival time. Eastern cultures will be familiar with the Ubtan. The ubtan is a mixture of various ingredients, used for exfoliation and clean up. So in the traditional way one has to mix the Ubtan powder with rose water or milk or plain water, depending on preferences and then scrub the skin. Mostly used only for the body. 

The Anuspa Ubtan soap does just this but without having to prepare the mixture. The granules of the soap are quite large giving a very good exfoliating effect but without any scratches or marks. Definitely a good soap to use.

The other thing is that the soap does not become soggy after a few uses and hence lasts for a long time.



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